Whatsapp New Features Last Seine And Blue Tickets

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How To Close The Last Seine And Blue Tickets In Whatsapp

The increasing use of social media has put our relationships on the wager and is responsible for the two features of WhatsApp. These features are called Last Seine and Blue Tick. Well these features also help us many times. Well if you want you can even close these two features but many people do not know how to turn it off. So let us now tell you their ways.
How to turn off Blue Tick and the Last Seine?

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How To

First go to Settings in WhatsApp and click on the account. Then click on Privacy Settings and click on the option of the Last Seine. You will now have three options everybody (all people), my contacts (my contact) and Nobody (none). Now you voluntarily click on any one option. If you want your Last Seen to see no one, then you can click the last option No Buddy.

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