Samsung Galaxy note 9 List on Flipkart | Leaks Specification & Price

Samsung Galaxy note 9

Samsung upcoming flagship notebook Note 9 has been listed on the e-commerce website Flipkart. A banner can be seen on the online shopping website, which mentions ‘Samsung Galaxy Unpacked’ in Brooklyn on August 9, 2018. The listing of ‘notify me’ is also available in the listing. Interested customers can opt for Notification Mi to get updates about Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

You can also see three videos on flipkart, whose title is ‘never has enough storage’, ‘battery can not keep up’ and ‘phone too slow’. It is believed that this phone will be launched in India soon and it will be sold exclusively on Flipkart. For the long time, users are awaiting this phone; in such a situation this news is not less than great pleasure.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and price and features leaked – click here

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with Colorful S Pen stylus

Recently popular commentator Ivan Bloss posted a picture of the alleged colorful S Pen Stylus for the Galaxy Note 9. This picture shows that the incoming device will be offered in three colors – Black, Blue and Brown. Black stylus with Blue Galaxy Note 9, Yellow Stylus with Pink Note 9, Pinkish Brown Stylus and Black Note 9 will be given.

It is worth noting that the most important feature of the Galaxy Note 9 series is the built-in stylus given in it. Many reports have said that the S Pen coming up with the Note 9 will be much smarter than before.

Recently, a Twitter handle named ‘Ice Universe’ was claimed that the note 9 of S Pen will be a Bluetooth connected device which can be used as a remote control for many other functions besides writing.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 does not expect Apple’s Nokia design. Recently, some of the advertisements issued by the company have been seen to make fun of Apple. In the last few days, Samsung has released several ads for junking Apple iPhones.


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