Google Maps New Update Testing Out Speed Trap Icon

Google Maps

Google Maps Speed trap is designed for catch driver who is speeding when they are not suppose to. While we should not be speeding to fast in the first place, If sometimes being over by a some is enough to trigger these cameras which result in fine that many time of probably would have liked to avoid in the first place.

Google Maps

However according to report by Android Police, it seems that Google is testing out placing speed trap icons on Google Maps, where it will also be able to alert users when they are approaching. What’s interesting is that why it’s taking Google so long to implement such features to Google Maps to begin with.

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Looking at the wide spread in geography, this obviously isn’t location-based. And since there haven’t been any Maps app updates very recently, it’s definitely the result of a server-side switch. Let us know if you’ve been blessed with this feature — it really shouldn’t have taken this long to arrive given that it’s been in Waze for years, but we’re glad to see it nonetheless.



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