Privacy Policy

Phonetechtalk takes the privacy problems seriously, and also the privacy of our website guests is an area unit important. Phonetechtalk is a Broadcasting & Media Production Company, a corporation that owns a network of internet sites. we have a tendency to (Phonetechtalk) don’t use personal data of the users for any purpose.

Privacy Policy

We use third-party advertising networks for monetizing, and most of those networks would use your visiting info (which still doesn’t embrace your Name, Email address, signal although you submit them thereforeme|for a few} purpose) so on perceive the traffic and supply advertisements supported the guests interest, and to stay the advertisements relevant.

The following are the advertising networks that we use for the monetization and other purposes, and you may visit the Privacy policy pages of the websites to understand it better.

Google –
Amazon – Privacy Notice

you have any issues with our website or the privacy while visiting our website, contact us.