The last and third solar eclipse of the year will occur today, which will be partial solar eclipse. This solar eclipse will appear in the northern hemisphere of the earth, i.e. the people of India will not be able to perform this solar eclipse.

According to the Time and website, today’s Indian time will start partial solar eclipse from 01 to 32 minutes 08 seconds. It will be around at around 0300 to 16 minutes and 24 seconds and it will end at 5 o’clock in the evening. Let us know that the solar eclipse always seems two weeks before or after lunar eclipse. This time the time of solar eclipse will be 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Solar Eclipse 2018: Last solar eclipse of the year will take place on August 11 – Click here

In the matter of religious significance today Saturn is also Amavasya. Pandit Prakash Joshi, astrologer of astrology, said that the solar eclipse can have an effect on those whose work is related to foreign countries. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius can be seen to have some effect.

For the Aquarius, it can be a bit of a problem, they have to make every decision. Virgo zodiacers can benefit. At the same time, the Taurus zodiac also needs to be conscious. Be conscious of the health of the lion. This solar eclipse will appear in North America, Canada Northwest Asia, South Korea, Moscow, China and London. The effect of eclipse in India will not be at all.

Know what happens to partial solar eclipse?

Earth rotates on its axis as well as revolves around the Sun in its solar system. On the other hand, the moon is actually the satellite of the earth and its circling, therefore, whenever the moon rotates between the sun and the earth, then the sun ceases to appear on the earth partially or completely.

This phenomenon is called the solar eclipse. The solar eclipse can be both partial and full. In the partial solar eclipse, the moon covers only a few parts of the sun and when this view is seen from the Earth, the sun looks like a disc.

NASA live streaming on YouTube shows solar eclipse astronomical phenomena
Whenever the solar eclipse or the lunar eclipse occurs then NASA is streaming live. People can easily see it on YouTube.

Where will the solar eclipse appear?

Today’s partial solar eclipse will not be visible in India, but people from many countries like North America, North Western Asia, South Korea, Moscow and China, from Northern Europe to East Asia, Russia, will be able to see. According to NASA, 65 percent of people living in these areas will be able to get partial solar eclipse.

Do not see the eclipse from the naked eye

Whereas this part of today’s partial solar eclipse will not appear in India but in the Northern Hemisphere it will be visible. This time the solar eclipse will look good in Siberia. Here people will be able to see 65 percent of the solar eclipse. Therefore it was recommended that people use special glass or lenses to see it. Do not look at the eclipse with naked eyes at all.
Solar eclipses
1. During the solar eclipse, worship and idol worship should not be done.
2. It is believed that during the solar eclipse, the Tulsi and Shami plants should not be touched.
3. Eating and cooking are forbidden during the eclipse period.
4. Recognize that sleep should not occur during eclipse.
5. It is the practice of chanting mantras at the time of eclipse.
6. According to Hindu beliefs, after the end of the eclipse period, bathing in holy rivers should be done.
7. If there is only at home then bathing water should be used in bath water.
8. After the eclipse period, it is the law of giving donations to the poor and Brahmins.

Good luck to shoes slippers

Today, a special coincidence is going on Saturday. Today is Saturn eclipse along with Saturn Amavasya. Apart from this, the festival of green fad is also on this day. The gift of sandal sandal is considered auspicious on Saturn Amavasya to get freedom from Saturn’s fault. Worship of Shami tree will also be fruitful. It is believed that Saturn Dev never hurts those devotees who worship Lord Hanuman. Shani Devi and Pitra defect are easily removed by burning oil on Saturn Amavasya and burning the lamp. Serving black cow helps you to get rid of Saturn’s fault.


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