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Pagani zonda
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Pagani Automobile S.p.A. The company is known to make the world’s most beautiful and rare carts. Recently, the Good wood Festival of Speed was organized where the automakers display or launch their special trains. At this festival, Pagani zonda has demonstrated a very special car. You will be surprised by knowing the special things of this train.

Customers buy one or two cars

Color schemes of the hawk are so tempting that its customers buy at least two cars. Buying two cars at one and a half million dollar worth of things together is not a common thing! But when you are on the beauty of someone, then you can not compare it again.

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Guinea Charmed Cars in America

In terms of┬áPagani zonda’s car prices, its number of buyers in America looks just fine. By the end of 2015, about 28 cars had been sold in the US.

Pagani zonda hp barchetta price & Features

Pagani demonstrated Zonda HP Barchetta here, and people were stunned. Only 3 units of this train have been made and three have been sold. Well, there are many specialties in this work, but the thing which has taken the most attention of people is its price. Explain that this beautiful car is worth 121 crores without tax.
With this price, it is the world’s most expensive new car. The Zonda is a mix of HP Barchetta, Zonda 760 series and Huayra BC. Its AMG 12 engine gives the power of 789 horsepower.


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